Benefits of water soluble purge paper


When using purge systems that are traditional or conventional, there will be notable limitations to it. They are quite labor-intensive, they are considerably costly, and they are pretty inefficient. These type of systems are additionally inconvenient since they have to be placed quite a distance from the weld zone. This adds unnecessary hassle and costs to the process of welding. To overcome those problems stated before, there is now water soluble purge paper. There are a variety of brands that provide quality materials regarding this dissolving purge paper. These paper are made out of wood pulp and cellulose. They will dissolve in most liquids completely and quickly. They can be used to provide a great barrier to retain noble gasses that is inside the weld zone while doing TIG welding of aluminum pipes and stainless steel. They can be flushed out instantly when welding is done and complete. There are a lot of benefits when you use this high-quality dissolving paper. Here are the three main benefits of this water-soluble purge paper for your consideration.


purge paperThey are very convenient for your purge system and welding process. This is due to the fact that they don’t have to be placed far away from the weld zone. Instead, they can be placed within the weld zone. This doesn’t make it such a hassle, unlike the traditional ones. The construction is simple and quick. Plus, it can be customized to fit a number of pipe schedules and sizes.

Easy and efficient

Utilizing this is very easy to handle and remove. It dissolves seamlessly and quickly during a hydro test. There is also no residue that will be left behind in the pipelines. That makes it very efficient. Not just that, it is also cost-efficient. It can save your money on the consumption of gas. This is because the paper can be located close to the weld zone. This makes inert gas to be used less when displacing oxygen in the purge container.


paper stackThis material is safe to use. It is an accepted and safe choice by petrochemical, nuclear, as well as food and beverage industries. It is also approved by CE and EPA. Since it is made of wood pulp and sodium carboxy cellulose, it is one hundred percent biodegradable. This makes it not just safe to use, but also safe for the ecosystem and the environment.