Computer Health

12saWorking for long hours on the computer is definitely not good for health, but for most of us it is a regular part of life. It is very important to know about the associated health risks and diseases which may occur.The main health impacts of working on the computer for long hours are:


Eye strain is the most common problem associated with working long hours on the computer. Constantly staring at the computer screen without blinking can cause dry eyes or watery eyes. You may also develop Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which leads to headaches, burning eyes or double vision. As per a 2011 study, 64 to 85 percent computer users reported some sort of visual problems.


Many people also complain of neck pain. You have to strain you neck to work on the computer, which can lead to severe neck pain. Poor seating posture can also result in shoulder problems.


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome may develop as a result of prolonged use of the keyboard or mouse. It is caused by continuous wrist movement and is very common among regular computer users. You will experience pain and tingling sensation in your arm and mostly in the index finger.


Most of the stress that we experience in our daily lives are caused by work related problems. Working long hours in front of the computer and doing the endless daily tasks can cause a serious stress problem. Your blood pressure level and blood sugar level will increase. And in the long term, it can result in obesity and other problems.


Diabetes is the other risk factor when it comes to working long hours. You may also develop a wide range of heart related problems like heart attacks and high pressure. As per a 2010 study, working for long hours results in a 60 percent increase in risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Excess work may cut you from the outside world. As a result of the excess pressure you won’t be able to socialize much. You will feel isolated, which will lead to depression.

These are some of the health impacts of working on the computer for long hours.They can seriously affect your live and make you sick. In order to get rid of this, it is advisable to exercise regularly and take part in physical activities whenever possible. Also, try taking 5-10 minutes breaks while working.