Everything You Should Know About a Bong

weed bong

Currently, there are many ways to consume cannabis in all its variants (dry, wet, hash, BHO, orally, etc.) As you know, the most used of all is the consumption of dry grass. The use of bongs has played an essential role in improving the smoking experience. You can shop micro or mini bongs from various online platforms and mainstream shops. A bong is a device obtained after making some modifications to the well-known water pipes.

It is one of the most used paraphernalia for the consumption of marijuana, mainly because it allows its consumption quickly, cleanly, and most importantly, without the need to mix it with the hated tobacco. The main difference from the hookah is that it doesn’t need to use charcoal for it to work. Today there is a wide range of bongs on the market: made of plastic, borosilicate, glass, metal, with an infinite number of shapes and colors.

marijuana bongHow a Bong Functions

It is a mechanism with which to consume marijuana that uses the principles of combustion, filtering, vacuum, and aspiration (it is simpler than it seems). To make it work optimally, you only need:

  • Grass (the better the quality, the better the experience obviously).
  • Fire (either lighter or wick).
  • The most common is to use cold water, but you can also use juice or a spirit drink (whiskey, vodka, anise, etc.)

The operation of a bong is simple. When combusting the grass and being sealed (the hole/carburetor must be covered) inside the bong, a vacuum is created in which the smoke is filtered through the liquid. Thus the bong empties air and fills with smoke thanks to the aspiration you exert. This would be the principle of operation.

What to Smoke in a Bong

In a bong, weed is usually smoked after allowing it to dry and cure optimally to achieve the best possible flavor, aroma, and effect. There are also models for smoking BHO extraction. They are currently very fashionable. You can mix the herb with a little tobacco, but the best thing about this gadget is that it is unnecessary to use that poison.

How to Clean a Bong

glass bongThe first thing to keep in mind is that most bong parts are very delicate. You have to treat them delicately. Let it soak in heated water to remove residual resin, smoke, and ash. When wet, scrub all dirty parts using a toothbrush, for example, to reach complicated and narrow areas using kitchen soap.

If you want to perform an optimal cleaning, there are specific products to carry out this task. I’m talking about a bong and pipe cleaner like the one I show you below. With this product, you will perfectly remove all traces of dirt. The bong must be cold for cleaning as sudden temperature changes can cause breakage in the parts. Finally, dry all the pieces with kitchen paper.