High-Intensity Nutrition Supplements

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An efficient body building regime must balance between nutrition and workouts. Intense workouts without proper nutrition will cause the muscles to waste away. Adding nutritional supplements to your body building regime will help boost your performance and give you sufficient amounts of energy to help you sustain your workouts. As such it is imperative to shop for quality supplements from reputable stores. A good store should stock a wide variety of quality supplements. Here are some of the high intensity nutrition supplements that will help you have a quality bodybuilding experience.

Main Types of Supplements

Green Supplementshealthy food

Consistent use of green supplements when doing intense exercises is good for your health. They are considered as one of the best performance enhancers. Hydrogen ions usually build up when working out. Consequently, lowering the PH levels in the muscles and subsequently increasing the acidity. Greens supplements prevent acid build up when working out because of their alkaline nature. This enhances endurance during workouts.

Creatine Supplements

Creatine supplements are the most sort after supplement in the sporting world. Recent research on creatine has also shown some amazing positive results. This tasteless powder can increase an athlete’s speed, power, and overall performance. It is also known to enhance muscle growth. Research has also shown that creatine is a good PH buffer that can help a person to recover faster in between workouts. This supplement is the best for your body’s short-term energy system.


Caffeine is no surprise on this list. It is one most popular performance enhancers. Caffeine has a unique capacity to improve a person’s mental alertness and cognitive abilities. It helps a person to develop physical endurance and stretch to their maximum limits. One can take between 200 to 300 milligrams before going for their workout session depending on their tolerance.

Citrulline Supplements

Citrulline SupplementsThese are amino acid supplements are useful for production of nitric oxide. These supplements are essential in boosting blood flow during workouts. It helps in getting oxygen to the muscles when they are under duress. It is also good for the athletes who are looking to increase their muscle pump.

As much as high-intensity nutrition supplements are essential for any intense workout, they should not be a replacement for a proper diet. Research findings prove that the use of these supplements helps the body to adapt and respond faster to the workouts. They also contribute to transforming the muscles and subsequently helping athletes train for longer periods.