Important Facts To Know About Infant Life Jackets

man wearing life jacket

Seeing your child having fun in the water is a rather pleasant thing. Their laughter is very contagious, and you find yourself bubbling with happiness at the pure delight your little one is experiencing. Although letting your child have fun in the water is great, there is also the danger of drowning that always lurks nearby, and you have to do everything in your power to keep your child safe in the water. One of the most critical safety measures that boy on beachhelp keep your baby safe in water is the use of life jackets. And since babies are rather vulnerable, their life jackets are a little different from ordinary life jackets. You should get the best infant life jacket for your little one. Here are a few facts about infant life jackets that you need to know as you go to purchase one:

U.S Coast Guard Approval

Infant life jackets need to be U.S Coast Guard approved. This means that they have attained the standards required of infant life jackets since they have been tested for that specific purpose. Life jackets that have this approval should have the approval number on them. If you purchase such a life jacket, you are assured that it is not a substandard product, and will keep your precious one safe from drowning.

Grab loop

One of the most important facts about infant life jacket is that it needs to have grab loops. The loops can be your child’s lifeline in case the waters get rough since they allow you to reach out and hold onto your child. Insist on purchasing an infant life jacket with a grab loop; the loop can be the difference between the life and death of your baby.

A proper fit

Anothelife jacket hangingr of the essential facts to know about infant life jacket is that it is only functional if it fits your child well. If you get an oversized life jacket for your child, you might as well take them swimming with no life jacket since the oversized one is of absolutely no help. A small life jacket can be irritating to our child, and they will be very tempted just to take it off. It is, therefore, important to get your child to try several life jackets until they find the perfect fit every time they go out to swim or boat riding.

A crotch strap

This strap is very essential in a life jacket as it prevents the jacket from sliding off of your child, thus leaving them vulnerable exposed to the possibility of drowning. Life jackets are an absolute necessity for infants who enjoy water activities. Get your child the best life jacket and you will have peace of mind knowing that they are well protected from the danger of drowning.