Top 5 College Care Package Ideas For Parents


Your child could have stayed in school for a week or a month. No matter when they will feel the college life stress begin. College kids are many times broke or short on something and getting a package is a real treat to them. The time when they have been feeding on noodles or in the middle of a semester when money is tight, and the next financial aid cheque is yet to come. Click here for the college care ideas. Find some great tips on care package ideas here below.

Great tips

Non-perishable food

many book on shelvesThey can be pretzels, instant oatmeal, hot cocoa, potato chips or microwave popcorn on the list. Healthy item choice is recommended in the things you will send, as your child could be eating lots of junk food already. Slip in some raisins, dried fruit, granola bars and the likes.

Personal care items

Some ideas such as shampoo, conditioner, skin cream, disposable razors, shaving cream plus other toiletries can be safely shipped. Such are what college kids might not have extra money to buy the items. They would rather buy food than shampoo and use a bar soap for the hair instead.

Medicine items

Another thing your college child might not have money for is to buy over-the-counter drugs. The medications can make them better or have them go through classes when having flu or cold. These items are allergy relief, cold medicines, pain relief medicines and cough drops. Flavoured Zinc lozenge is an excellent addition as dorms particularly are a different kind of bug breeding grounds. Zinc has scientifically been proved to reduce the cold duration when taken at the first symptoms onset.


We all know that college students are mostly unhealthy feeders. A wise idea will be to give a large supply of multi-vitamins to them so that whatever they miss from their food, can be supplemented. Sometimes it is almost impossible to get all the nutrients from the food we take.


coloured pencilSending quarters is an excellent idea as your child will be using vending machines, which are stocked with food items and soft drinks or do laundry work from a college laundromat. Rolls of quarters is a superb way to ensure one has bus fare, clean clothes and vending machine money, without the need to break the bank.
Personal letters are also real motivators in crunch times – as finals. Anything you deliver will be appreciated. Getting a goodie box while away from home, gives motivation and morale to do great in school.