The Air Compressor Reviews

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Air compressors come in a variety of designs and sizes. Nowadays, there are so many compressors in the market that are becoming difficult to make a choice on a suitable one. People have bought air compressors at high costs only to realize that they would have bought a similar one at a cheaper price.  Many homes can afford the small air compressor because it is affordable. The compressor reviews below will enable you to make the right choice on an appropriate equipment.


Dewalt DWFP55126 air compressor

The DeWalt compressor has a 6-gallon tank that allows it to work faster. It’s high efficient motor makes this machinecompressor suitable for use in cold weather.

Furthermore, it can be used in a quiet environment. It can be stored easily. It has couplers that allow for more than one user without causing any inconvenience.

Dewalt DWFP55130 compressor

This compressor is light in weight and has a compact design. It does not make a lot of noise when in use. It is easy to start this machine without using a lot of energy. The compressor refills when there is air pressure of below 165Psi. It means that your work will not be interrupted.

California air tools CAT 6310

The California CAT 6310 air compressor is in the category of the quiet compressors in the market. The handle is well-designed, and its wheels are suitable for moving it around easily. The oil-free pump means that you do not have to spend a lot on maintenance. Furthermore, the water collector allows for easy separation of compressed air and moisture.

California CAT 10020 air compressor

The CAT 10020 compressor is very powerful with a 1680 RPM value and two horsepower. It has a strong and sturdy design. The equipment is also durable and can be moved easily. It has 10 gallons tank which is suitable for your needs. No need to worry about maintenance because it has an oil free pump.

WEN 2276 air compressor

The WEN 2276 is suitable for use in a home workshop. It has a lower price butt the quality is not compromised. It has switches, functional gauges and valves that make it easy to use. It is suitable for those on a budget.

Ingersoll-rand SS3F2 air compressor

filterThe Ingersoll SSF32 can be used at home or workshop to perform different tasks. It has an oil lubricated pump. This equipment uses 120 volts. It has low noise levels that make it ideal for home use. It comes with a 30-gallon tank that ensures you work without the need to wait for the pump to start up.